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Hybrid Pedagogy is not just an academic journal, it is a journal of praxis. Rather than simply talk about pedagogy, we prefer to tamper with it and try it out on every conceivable scale. In the last year, Hybrid Pedagogy brought you the original MOOC MOOC, Twitter vs. Zombies, Digital Writing Month, and THATCamp Hybrid Pedagogy, all of which set the stage for our next experiment: the MOOCification MOOCathon.

MOOCification is really a kind of pillaging. You take what works about MOOCs, the best pedagogy they open up, apply it to more traditional classes, and then politely (or not so politely) spit out the rest.

On June 15th at 12:00am EST, the MOOC opened. But get this: that same day, at 11:59pm EST, the MOOC closed. 24 hours. Gather rations. Then, read the
article, watch the trailer, follow @MOOCMOOC, @Jessifer, and @slamteacher, and then enter the fray.